1.1.  Lunfardo  Online store operating at the addresses specified in item 1.2. , here in after referred to as the Store is run by the company Anna Kaczmarczyk Lunfardo, based in Paczółtowice 302, Krzeszowice, Poland, NIP (tax identification number) 5130030516, REGON (national register of economic units) 123145750.
1.2. The Store is available at the addresses:
- www.lunfardo.pl – Polish version
- www. lunfardo.pl/en – English version

1.3. The following definitions used in the Terms and Conditions mean:
- User – a person using the Store's website;
- Registered User - a User who registered in the Store;
- Client - a User or a Registered User who placed an order in the Store.


2.1. The Terms and Conditions define the principles of purchasing in the Store. In order to place an order, the User needs to express his consent to all provisions and information included in the Terms and Conditions in the form binding when the order is being placed.
2.2. Before purchasing, the Client is obliged to become familiar with the content of these Terms and Conditions and is each time bound by its provisions when the order is being placed.
2.3. The Terms and Conditions may change. Any change will be published at the Store's website in the tab Terms and Conditions. The information about changes to the Terms and Conditions will be made available 7 days before the new Terms and Conditions come into force.
2.4. When a Registered User does not accept the new content of the Terms and Conditions, he is obliged to immediately notify the Store about this fact within 14 days from the date of being informed about the change to the Terms and Conditions. The information should be sent via e-mail to the Store's address indicated in the tab Contact.

2.5. The sales agreement is concluded between the Client and the Store pursuant to Polish law.
2.6. The Store sells products worldwide.
2.8. The Store, in the broadest extent permitted by the law, is not responsible for interference, including breaks, in the functioning of the Store's website resulting from force majeure, prohibited actions of third parties or the Store's incompatibility with the User's technical infrastructure.


3.1. Purchases in the Store may be made only by persons with at least a limited legal capacity. Filling the form on the Store's website in a correct manner is a prerequisite for the order to be completed.

3.2. The Client  acknowledges, that his individual computer settings may cause the difference between the product visualisation  visible on the screen of the computer and real product (colours, proportion etc.)

3.3. The customer acknowledges, when purchasing  a product at www.lunfardo.pl Store, one needs to care for the product in order to keep the satisfactory quality and initial condition of the product. Washing and ironing instructions is attached to every product. It is recommended to follow the instructions in order to keep the satisfactory quality of the product.

3.4. All the orders are to be placed through the website.

3.5.  Orders may be placed in the Store 24/7 throughout the year

3.6. 3.6.  The Client selects a specified product from the catalogue found at Store website and adds it to the cart. The order becomes effective when the Client creates her/his own account where she/he properly fills in contact data, including precise shipping address, phone number and e-mail address and  makes a payment for the goods according to the order. The system indicates all the transfer details during the ordering process. It is not possible to purchase a product in a Store without creating the Client`s Lunfardo account.

3.7. Placing an order is equal to ordering the goods. The customer understands one needs to pay for the order so as to receive the goods.

3.8. It is possible to place the order after becoming familiar with the Terms and Conditions.

3.9. In case the contact data are incomplete the Seller will contact the Buyer. If contacting the Buyer is impossible, the Seller has a right to cancel the order.

3.10. Prices provided in Store include VAT.

3.11. The Store reserves the right to change the prices for offered products, provided that changes to prices do not apply to confirmed orders. The price stated at each product is binding when the Client places an order.

3.12. When the Client places an order, he authorizes the Store to issue an invoice without the need to obtain the Client's signature.

3.13. The User cannot purchase products with the price PLN/EUR/GBP/USD 0 in the Store. The product's price equal to "0" means an error in the system

3.14. The Buyer agrees to receive emails with billing documents, i.e.: invoices, corrected invoices, forms – all including attachments. The consent authorizes the Seller to issue and send VAT invoices in electronic form, according to Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 17 December 2010 on the transmission of invoices in electronic form, data storage rules and sharing them with the tax authorities and tax inspection authorities.

3.15.  When placing an order, the Buyer may assent to place personal data in the Store’s database for processing purposes, in order to realize the Order. In case one assent to place personal data, one has the right to insight, modify or demand deleting these data.

3.16. The Buyer may save the data in the Store to facilitate future Orders. In order to do that, one needs to provide a login and a password which are necessary to access a private account. Customer’s email becomes the login. Customer choose one’s own password. Seller does not have an access to customers’ passwords. Customer is obliged to keep the password private and not to share it with the third parties.

3.17. When the Store accept each placed order, it is confirmed via e-mail. The sales agreement is concluded when the Store confirms the order.

3.18. The realization of the Order commence when funds are cleared at Seller account.




4.1  Individual project is a service, where the Buyer prepares ones own project with the use of the Configurator embedded in the website of the Store. The final product is made according to customer’s specification (in accordance with art. 38. p. 3 of the Act).

4.2.  The buyer prepares ones own project according to the given data and possible technical options of the Configurator. The technical options are i.e. type and colour of the material, pattern, front and back pockets, type and number of tucks, type of loops, stripes, side cuts, edge.

4.3.  Final effect of an individual project is a graphic representation of a product.

4.4.  The customer acknowledges, the final preview of the order prepared with the Configurator is only a graphic representation of a product. It is not a view of the goods to be delivered. The goods to be delivered may differ from the graphic project in terms of colours, proportions, etc.

4.5.  An individual project is evaluated individually according to the ordered number of goods

4.6.  Buyer is informed about an offered price prior to placing a final order.

4.7. Individual project is a service, in which the object is to provide a product designed by the Service Provider. The project is consulted via e-mail between the Store and the Customer in the case when the Buyer cannot find a product which meets ones requirements at the Store website. (in accordance with art. 38. p. 3 of the Act).

4.8. Upon Customer’s request the Service Provider may prepare an individual project on basis of customer guidelines.

4.9. The service provider performs on request trouser design service according to customer guidelines. Such projects are evaluated case by case basis. Before making the final order, the Customer will be informed of the proposed price. Customer is informed about an offered price prior to placing a final order.

4.10. In case the whole project service is performed by the Service Provider, the Customer will receive a final visualisation of a product via email. In order to accomplish the order the customer must accept the visualisation and make the payment in accordance with §3.




5.1.  The Shop will issue a personal bill of sale (an invoice) for every sold item.

5.2. The Client may make the payment using payment systems of: Transferuj.pl,  PayPal (including card payment) , Przelewy24 or a bank transfer with the store`s bank account:

Millenium Bank S.A.

96 1160 2202 0000 0003 3715 6235

Anna Kaczmarczyk Lunfardo

Paczółtowice 302

32-065 Krzeszowice


For foreign Clients:

Anna Kaczmarczyk Lunfardo

Paczółtowice 302

32-065 Krzeszowice


Nr konta IBAN :

PL 96 1160 2202 0000 0003 3715 6235

Kod SWIFT banku


Bank Millenium S.A.

ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa





6.1. The product is sent on the address indicated in the order. The Store will inform Client immediately in case the order is filled in incorrectly, which can make the service not possible or can delay it.

6.2. If the Store cannot perform the service, in particular due to the product's unavailability, it will inform the Client about this fact and will return the entire amount of money received from the Client.
6.3. The delivery of an ordered product is executed by a courier company, InPost service or polish post. The order can be also collected by the Client himself in address previously provided in the correspondence between the Client and the Store.

6.4. The time of order realization consists of preparation of the ordered product and its delivery.

6.5  An estimated time of preparation of the ordered product is 10 days.

6.6 An estimated time of delivery:

- courier company: maximum 2 days in Poland

- polish post- abroad deliveries (international registered letter): maximum 7 days

6.7.  In case of delivery delay the Service Provider files a complaint on behalf of the Client.

6.8. The Store reserves the right to prolong the order completion deadline by 5 business days in the case of difficulties in completing the products for shipment within the declared time. The Client will be informed about this fact.

6.9. Any possible delivery costs are indicated when the order is being placed. The cost of shipment depends on chosen way of delivery and payment method:

-courier delivery (Poland) – 4.50 Euro gross (18PLN gross)

- post delivery (Poland only) - 3.80 Euro gross (15 PLN gross)

-post delivery (abroad) – 15.38 Euro gross (61,50 PLN gross)

- post delivery (abroad to USA, Canada) - 22,25 Euro gross (89 PLN gross)

-collect in Store- no charge

6.10. In order to facilitate and improve the purchase process via the Store's website, e-mail correspondence is kept between the Client and the Store.

6.11. The Store is not responsible for errors made by the Client in the order as a result of which the shipment did not reach the address.

6.12. Products offered by the Store are available in limited quantities and the completion of orders for these products depends on the sequence in which orders are received.
6.13. The Store reserves the right to withdraw certain products from its offer.

7. Returns


7.1  A consumer who remotely entered into a contract, has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason by informing the Service Provider by convenient means within 14 days after receipt of the product (Art. 27 of the Act on consumer rights, 30 May 2014.).

7.2  The consumer is responsible for the reduction of the value of the goods, as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things.

7.3  The consumer may withdraw by means of a selected durable medium. The recommended way to report a will to return the product is to send a form or information to the following address: lunfardo.krakow@gmail.com  Model forms can be found here:

withdraw from the contract form

withdraw from the contract - exchange the product

7.4 The Service Provider will confirm the receipt of the information by the same means of communication immediately on receiving the information

7.5. The Service Provider will make a refund the same way the Client paid for the product, unless the Client agreed in writing to a different form of a refund.

7.6.  The consumer is obliged to, to return the product,  at ones own expense, to the Seller not later than 14 calendar days from the date of withdrawing from the contract.

7.7  If the consumer chose the means of transport which is less expensive than the cheapest transport offered by the Service Provider, the Service Provider is not obliged to reimburse the Consumer with the price difference.

7.8 The address to return the product:

Anna Kaczmarczyk Lunfardo
Paczółtowice 302
32-065 Krzeszowice

mobile: 0048 537420451

7.9 The right to withdrawal does not apply to contracts of individual orders and copyright (in accordance with Art. 38 of the Act on consumer rights, May 30 2014 r.).




8.1 . The Service Provider agrees to provide a product free from defects.

8.2Whenthe nonconformity of the product with the agreement is observed the Consumer may file a price reduction statement, withdraw from the Contract or exchange a product for another one, which is free of defects.

8.3 When filing a complaint, it is recommended to give the following information - this will facilitate and expedite the processing of the complaint:

8.3.1 information concerning the subject of the complaint, in particular the type and date of any inconsistency / defects

8.3.2.  demanding means of achieving compliance with the Purchase Agreement or a statement of price reduction or withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement; and

8.3.3  contact details of the person filing the complaint

8.4 .Complaints are examined not later than within 14 days from the day when the Store receives the shipment with the complained product.

8.5  If the consumer has requested replacement of the Product or to remove the defect or made a statement about reducing the price, specifying the amount by which the price should be reduced, and the seller did not respond to this request within fourteen days, it is considered that the claim is accepted.

8.6. In the event of a justified complaint, the defective product will be repaired or replaced with another one, free of defects.  Seller is obliged to replace the faulty product to a new one which is free of defects or to rectify the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the Client. In the event of a reimbursement request, the reimbursement should be made immediately. In case of a   price reduction request,  the Client must designate a time for a reimbursement (i.e. 7 days from the date of receipt of the price reduction demand)

8.7. In the event of withdrawal or a product replacement request, the Client shall deliver the defective product at the Seller’s expense to the place indicated in the Contract.

8.8. In the case of a complaint regarding mechanical damage created during the package's transportation, the complaint form should be sent with proof of damage formation during transportation, namely before the Client's reception of the shipment (e.g. a protocol drawn up in the presence of the deliverer with his signature). The product should be sent back along with the document confirming the purchase in the Store and the justification of the complaint.


9.1. During registration in the Store, the User expresses his consent for his personal data to be processed by the Store (pursuant to the Act dated August 29, 1997 on personal data protection, Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883). The User's personal data will be processed only for the purpose of completing the placed order, including to issue the invoice and for financial reporting as well as providing information about new services and special offers in the Store. This data is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
9.2. When the User registers in the Store, he provides his personal data of his own free will.
9.3. The User's personal data protected pursuant to the Act on personal data is not transferred, sold or leased to other persons or institutions for any purpose other than the completion of the order.
9.4. The Client has the right to access his personal data, correct it as well as request to stop using it for purposes listed in item 8.1.
9.5. The personal data is administered by the Store.

In any cases not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Civil Code as well as the provisions of the Act on personal data protection and the protection of consumer rights apply.