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  • Pio Celeste
    Pio Celeste

    Egyptian Blue for sunny days (even in the middle of the winter gloom)....

    380,00 zł
  • La bruja
    La bruja

    Traditional menswear trouser in casual denim and just a touch of red...

    380,00 zł
  • Gift card
    Gift card

    Want to get him tango trousers but you are not sure about the size? We...

    400,00 zł
  • Todo

    Traditional pants in versatile grey.  When you don’t feel like standing...

    400,00 zł
  • Tango Mecanico
    El mecanico

    In charge and on duty. Both in the garage, and in the milonga....

    410,00 zł
  • Una Vez
    Una Vez

    Solid grey at first glance, with a subtle touch of color in the pin...

    400,00 zł
  • Pio Casinegro
    Pio Casinegro

    The dark anthracite of Casinegro. Classic elegance combined with full...

    400,00 zł
  • Lunfardo paisley
    Lunfardo Paisley

    For casual style lovers. Jeans with oriental detail. Comfy tango...

    380,00 zł





  • Pio Celeste
    Pio Celeste

    Egyptian Blue for sunny days (even in...

    380,00 zł 410,00 zł


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